Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear Pepsi

We will happily accept several cases of Pepsi products (preferably Diet Dr. Pepper aka DDP) in exchange for Ellie's advertising.

*why yes, she did attempt to put 12-pack of Pepsi into the cart.  She got as far as lifting it from the display.  Super Bear strength.
**yes, she really did scream  say "ball" while pointing at the Pepsi logo.


  1. I am shocked and appalled that you think Dr. Pepper is a Pepsi product! Blasphemy! And you live in Texas - what the heck, Anna?!?


    Pepsi bottles DP in some areas, but they don't own it.

    1. Well crud! You are indeed correct! I know I know--a failed Texan over here. Pepsi Co does bottle the DDP out in this area, but I stand corrected. Dr. Pepper is is own soda company (had to Wiki that one!).

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