Sunday, August 18, 2019

A metalhead and a thief

It is time for an Ellie-ism post!  The other week I was regaling my therapist with tales of Ellie's shenanigans.  As she sat there laughing and I was tearing up from the sheer craziness of it all, I realized that I had my next blog post.  Given the crap going on in our lives and the emotional instability that The Bear is currently enduring, I realized that it is time to embrace the humor in these antics.

Definitely not auditioning for The Voice

*Don't Cry by Guns N Roses playing in background* along with the sounds of a dying baby seagull.

Drew: What is going on?  What is wrong?

Me:*tries hard not to laugh* Ellie fancies herself to be a rockstar.

Do y'all hear that?   The sound of a cat being strangled while being submerged in water during a bath?  That would be the sound of my daughter "singing".  Girlfriend is trying to channel Axl Rose and Robert Plant.

Ellie has been experiencing some emotional outbursts.  These are extreme reactions to things that she cannot seem to pull herself out of.  You cannot rationalize with her and as fast as it starts, it suddenly ends.  It is devastating to watch and unfortunately a few of these outbursts have resulted in me getting bitten or hit.

One (or many) such outbursts have recently occurred in the car when the "wrong" song comes on.  The screaming, the big crocodile tears, and kicking the back of the car seat occurs when I skip one of her favorite songs.  Mind you, I had no idea these were her favorite songs, but this led me to create a 5 song playlist on her iPad in hopes it would get her to chill out.  These songs have been on repeat.

Ellie's Playlist:

Lost It All - Black Veil Brides
In The End - Black Veil Brides
Don't Cry - GNR
Love The Way You Hate Me - Like A Storm
The Devil Inside - Like A Storm

hmmm. . . . perhaps it is good that she can't repeat these words nor understand what the artists are singing.

All in the Name of Fashion
100 degrees out and she insisted on leg warms on both her legs and arms. 

Princess Sticky Fingers

How many of y'all every had a kiddo steal something?  Or maybe you lifted something when you were really little?  Twinkletoes seems to think the drop in day care [Kidspa] is a borrowing facility.  She would be incorrect.  It started off with me finding the random block in her lunchbox or backpack.  I'd talk to her and then make her bring it back telling her "not yours and that's stealing".

I started to search her backpack and lunchbox before leaving Kidspa.  Then. . . well, let's see if I can type this with a straight face. Actually, let me preface this with Ellie wears leggings and as such doesn't have pockets so she improvises.  She is now attempting to walk out of the daycare with items shoved into the waist band of her pants. The first time, we all died laughing.  It was so obvious she was trying to pilfer toys.  She was trying to loot a broken shovel, sunglasses, and a block.  The staff was dying because it was just too funny. I got over being mortified and tried to contain my own laughter.  No need to reinforce this behavior.  Now I walk into Kidspa and say:

Ellie, you are going to listen to your friends, keep hands to self, and not steal!

The Stinker Butt isn't heeding my advice.  The last time, I even patted down her waistband and she still managed to steal a toy.  She comes home, runs to her room, and whips out a magnifying glass!

The Stink Eye

This kid is killing me with the yelling "no" while crossing her arms and stomping her foot.  She's like a teenager!

Breaking and Entering 

Ellie Bear seems to be headed down a dangerous path here.  The setting: speech therapy waiting room.  For speech and OT, there is a big waiting room and then two locked doors that lead to the therapy rooms and gym.  As I am talking to the speech pathologist before therapy starts, Ellie reaches into her waistband and whips out her backpack tag (it's like a luggage tag/card).  She runs up to the door and tries to "scan" her tag.  That pretty much had the entire waiting room in stitches.  I guess Turkey Bear was really excited about therapy.  Sadly, her backpack tag didn't unlock the door.

First day of 4th grade.

The Little Parrot

Ellie's speech has exploded over the past few months so she is repeating a lot of words that we say.  They are not clear to most people, but for the most part I can understand about 50%.  Little Miss hasn't quite grasped the meaning of pronouns in verbal language, but she seems to understand what "not yours" means.  If she wants something - i.e. she wishes to ride in she random car in the parking lot, wants a toy, or contemplates taking Andrew's sunglasses, etc - she taps it and tells herself "not yours. . . Daddy's!". (I am always chopped liver).  Her newest is if it isn't' something we want her to do (i.e. color the table), she yells:

"Ah ah!  No ma'am, not yours!"

So parents, if you are wondering if your kids pick up things you do and say - they do!

Someone Thinks She's 
A Swimsuit Model

There you have it. . . a short list of the most recent Ellie Antics.


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  1. Oh my word, what a little stinker! And that Stink-Eye Bear-a-tude! My youngest daughter had what we all called The Look. Ellie's look reminded me SO much of Diana! Diana is almost 30 and she still sometimes gives that look! :)

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