Thursday, April 4, 2019

Organized Chaos

Well okay then. . . I'm doing pretty good since it is only 3 weeks since my last blog post!  I'm just going to toss out some general updates because we are experiencing our usual organized-disorganized chaos over here.  Of course, I am still flying by the seat of my pants and I am pretty sure things shall continue that way until I am 6 feet under . . . or in an urn.

Psych Update:

Oh yeah, that's right. . . I talked about Ellie's self-harming behaviors a little ways back.  After many sleepless nights, feeling of like a parental failure, and incessant worrying,  I would like to report that after adjusting her mood stabilizer, adding in another baby dose of Adderall, and increasing her strattera, I have a totally different kiddo.  The emotional crying and sobbing in the morning is now more of a rare occurrence.  The agitation with hitting/biting/head banging herself or me in the afternoon has resolved.  She is a little less impulsive.  All in all, Ellie is the HAPPIEST that I have EVER seen her in her entire 9 years of life.  It breaks my heart to know that she had probably been feeling unhappy and out of control for so long.   Now it isn't all roses over here.  The Bear is still her usual toot.  That's just her - Miss Sassypant McToot Turkey Bear - and I wouldn't have her any other way.

Feeling Brave:

I had this brilliant idea that once Bear was off the nighttime oxygen, I would take a trip with her to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  I kid you not, that day in October when they said we could stop the oxygen, I booked a spring break trip back to St. Louis.  Just the two of us.  Yep.  Ellie Bear and me.  As in without Andrew or another adult to help me corral the hyperactive monkey.  Up until a few weeks before our trip, I was having mini freak outs, but in the end, she was an angel [ see psych update above]   It was great to spend time with my family and I got to see some aunts, uncles, and cousins that I haven't seen in 5 years and that haven't seen Ellie Bear in about 7 years.  I have a ton of pics, but I can't share them because I forgot to ask permission.  

Someone was very excited about getting on an airplane

Just Going to Have to Hold It:

Well the Bear is a clever little thing.  E is well aware that the scissors are off limits after the one time I came out of the bathroom and discovered that her doll was missing hair and was sporting a gazillion hair bows.  I thought that I put the scissors high enough up . . . 

Last week Ellie was watching this YouTube video of a little girl getting her haircut.  So we gave her the play-doh scissors . . . obviously that's not good enough because she waited until our respite care provider went to the bathroom to take the real scissors.  You know, the sharp ones that actually cut?   (cheeky thing dragged a chair over to reach them!) Let's just say it is fortunate Barbie got a lop-sided chop and not Ellie's hair.  Needless to say the scissors are in a childproofed locked cabinet. 

Ellie's antics are not only limited to hairstyling.  Nope, yesterday it was the paint.  Girlfriend was aspiring to be a member of The Blue Man group. Clearly it is not safe for any of us to use the bathroom.

Noble Pig is now apparently a beauty salon

Dermatological Fun:

Don't forget your sunscreen, y'all!  Even if it is cold, cloudy, you're only riding in the car, etc.  I'm in my 30s and just had my first pre-cancerous growth removed from my nose on Monday.  I look like I have this nice crater on the side of my noise.  It itches like crazy, but I'll take that over cancer.

Vertigo and Neck Issues:

Once upon a time I got rear-ended 3 times within a 16 month period.  That was the beginning of my lower back issues and my neck issues.  About 3.5 years ago, I had decreased mobility of my neck with significant pain radiating down my left arm with numbness in my hand.  Two steroid shots into the disc space fixed that.  Sadly, the arthritis and cervical spine stenosis will never go away.  I think with Ellie's flop and drops, I re-pinched a nerve as I can barely turn my head to the left and I have pain starting on the back of my head radiating along my left ear to the front of my head.  I have gotten some sports massages and chiropractic work done which significantly helped my headaches, but physical therapy triggered vertigo.  I am pretty much dizzy if I change position too quickly, move my head funny, or stand for too long.  Needless to say I stopped physical therapy and went back to my sports rehabilitation doctor.  I will be getting an MRI tomorrow so wish me luck!

Unable to find photo credit other than Pinterest

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  1. Such great news about Elle's medications and behaviors! I bet taking that trip to see family was amazing! A few years ago my legs would turn to wet cement if I stood still for too long. The MRI showed Spinal Stenosis. I hope your pain subsides soon.


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