Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Two viruses, one bacterial infection, asthma, and a pleural effusion

So. . . we are still here. At this point, I think our resort fees should be waived as we continue to enjoy these lovely accommodations for an extended stay. I want to thank all of you for your prayers, positive thoughts, checking in on us, and offers to help out.  It is very much appreciated.

Ellie Bear was admitted to Dell Children's Medical Center back on Friday night for low oxygen saturations related to an asthma exacerbation caused by RSV and adenovirus (very fancy word for common cold).  She continues to improve, but we are having trouble getting her off the oxygen.

On Monday, Ellie spiked a 102.5 fever.  They did not do a chest x-ray, but rather wanted to see if she would repeatedly spike. I was not exactly thrilled by this since it was a new onset high fever.  The reason that they wanted to wait was to 1. not unnecessarily exposure her to radiation and 2. her lungs sounded much better and she needed less oxygen.   

Yesterday, her temperature was 101.4 so the doctors did decide to go ahead with a chest x-ray, which revealed left-sided pneumonia and a small pleural effusion (fluid between lining of the lungs).  She has been started on antibiotics for the pneumonia, but we will not drain her effusion since it is so small.  The effusion should resolve on its own.

Yesterday and so far today she has been requiring minimal oxygen support, but she continues to fail trials off it.  We did have to increase her oxygen last night while asleep, but we were able to wean down twice this morning.  However, the entire 5 minute trial off oxygen she dropped from 95% oxygen saturation to 83-85%.  Needless to say she is back on oxygen.  

Even with the new pneumonia and the pleural effusion, her lungs continue to sound good.  She is on only a little bit of oxygen and she is perkier.  Yesterday she sat in the chair for 12 hours and she didn't want to get back into bed at night.  That means she is headed in the right direction.

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