The IEP Meeting and Ellie Antics

Yes, I know that it has been months.  So much has happened in the Theurer household and I won’t be able cover it all unless I feel like writing a novella. 

The IEP Meeting:

Back in January, we had Ellie’s IEP meeting. Yep, I said January.  I told you that it has been a while since I last posted.  It went well.  There were no surprises as I meet with the teacher and speech therapist beforehand to help develop goals.  We are really going to push Ellie this year with her reading, communication, and mathematics.  We have high expectations for her and we have no doubt she will meet or come close to meeting her new goals within the next year. 

In fact, her end of March report card showed that she already mastered 3 of her 4 math goals and  that she is halfway through some of her other goals - that’s all within 2 months!  As for fine motor skills, we added back in 1:1 OT.  We also removed her handwriting goal because she is not progressing.  Instead, we are going to teach her how to type on the computer and on her speech device.  The teacher and I are still going to work on writing her first and last name so that she can write her name on school work and sign documents.  

A miracle occurred, the speech therapist added on MORE 1:1 speech therapy minutes.  I know that y’all are shocked because us parents usually have to fight for this.  Yet, I didn’t even ask for more minutes - talk about a pleasant surprise!

Such a good girl at the dentist!

A Thief in the Night

Ellie seems to be doing well with her fine motor skills.  She is actually aspiring to be a cat burglar.  Her ABA center has a keypad to the door that leads from the waiting room to the therapy rooms.  The little turkey watched the therapist enter the code and on her 3rd session, the stinker butt unlocked the door.  That’s right, Turkey Bear figured out the code.  Needless to say, the door now has a new code.

Throw Back!

Little Miss Talks-A-Lot
Ellie has had a communication explosion.  Kyla has been Ellie’s respite care provider for 20 months now.  Last month, instead of calling her “uh”, she is now “Kai - Uh”!  She is also trying to say more words and some of them are becoming more understandable.  I do believe that her speech device has played a big role in expanding her vocalizations.  

She also has the propensity to talk in her sleep when I go to put on her oxygen nasal cannula. 

What she says in her sleep: Dada, Pig [her favorite restaurant], zone bar, horse.  Not once has she said “mama”.  I fall below food items.

Somebody loves the donkeys, Honky and Tonky

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