Party On: Updates

Happy Summer!  We have 3 more weeks before school starts.  How about y'all?

We head out to Seal Beach, CA soon!  We have our trip to Disneyland planned and we anticipate seeing Andrew's dad and his wife.  We were going to meet up with a Facebook friend who also has a kiddo with Down syndrome, but that fell through.  It's a real bummer, but I am certain that I will meet her at some point.  After hitting over 100 degrees over the past few weeks, we are thrilled to experience the 70-80 degree weather during our vacation.

So, we found out that Ellie cannot go into the ocean.  Yes, a beach vacation and no ocean!  I talked to Infectious Disease and they said that because she may have an immunodeficiency and she has the cecostomy (which she is considering to be a wound/open skin), she is at risk for severe bacterial infections such as flesh eating bacteria.  Oh goody.  I would like to avoid that. So fun times in keeping her out of the water, but I think, I hope that she will be satisfied with just playing in the sand.  On Monday, we recheck her different WBCs, immunogammaglobulins, and pneumococcal antibodies.  The results will determine if she does indeed have an immunodeficiency.  I am betting that her B cell lymphocytes will just be a little low, which is her normal.  We won't get the results for 2 weeks which is why we are playing it safe.

Speaking of safety, Ellie refuses to wear a medical bracelet.  I have tried various kinds.  I got mySquareID which I put on my keyring.  I also, through Facebook, found these nifty seat belt covers that have a little pocket in the back for medical information.  Stitched on the front, I have "Nonverbal" and "Down syndrome".  The medical info that I have in the back pocket has emergency contacts #s, mediations, allergies, and diagnoses. I have a cover on her car seat, her backpack, and her stroller.  I was able to order these seat belt covers off from Seat Belt 911.

Finally, Ellie has been quite the toot.  She has been exhausted since June and the past few days have been worse.  I am really hoping it is a growth spurt or maybe just the ridiculous Texas heat.  I’m having to wake her up in the morning and that is sometimes after sleeping 14 hours.  She would come home after only 4 hours of summer school and say that she wants to take a nap, which she doesn’t end up doing but does lay on the floor.  She is going to bed early.  The other day, at the drop in daycare, they said she mainly sat there and barely played. The thing is, she does the irritable fatigue thing that little kids tend to do.  She screams and cries in the afternoon.  She’ll calm down for a little bit and then freaks out again around bedtime.  She will ask for juice, bread, Mickey Mouse, bath, etc and then scream “no” when we go to give it to her.  She loses it when we don’t give it to her even though she pitched a fit and said “no”.  This will repeat several times.  I am at my wits end.

Other than that, things have been pretty calm over here and hopefully they will stay that way.  I shall report back after Ellie's ID appointment on 8/16.

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