Friday, December 9, 2016

The Recovery - cecostomy tube

Yesterday was a bit rough, but for the most part she was doing well.  First, I forgot to mention a little snafu during the surgery.  Typically 2 sutures are put in to hold the colon to the abdominal wall until scar tissues is built up.  Apparently, there were "technical difficulties" (doctor's words, not mine).  The two sutures didn't "deploy" (don't ask me what that means).  He was able to get one suture in.  The surgery goes "well normal one of the sutures pops out so it is okay to have only one".  Um, if one pops, what happens if her only suture comes out??

Yesterday was post-op day 1.  Her abdomen kept getting distended and quite hard.  The doctors were a bit concerned, but were relieved that she showed no signs of fever.  A fever and distended abdomen can point to an infection or the beginnings or peritonitis. She also wasn't peeing on her own.  She has a history of urinary retention, but we hadn't really had any issues with it.  She had to be catheterized 3 times.  Each time she was cathed, her abdomen would get a little less distended.  She also stopped drinking so we had to start IV fluids. The most exciting part of yesterday is that we got to escape the room and go for a little wagon ride.  She was pretty subdued, but I could tell she was relieved to have a change of scenery.

As of this morning, she is doing much better.  She peed overnight on her own!  Her abdomen is also much improved.  Less distended.  Less firm.  More active bowel sounds.  She is still refusing to drink, but we may stop the IV fluids to see if she gets more thirsty. I am hoping to take her for another wagon ride and see if the playroom is open today.  I think getting up and about will help with her recovery.

We are here until Sunday (surgery was Wednesday).

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  1. Oh, Anna - I'm so glad they finally got her in and this (part) is over. I hope it works for Ellie. I hope you get outta there by Sunday and can relax over the holidays. I hope they improve the train wreck that is their scheduling dept. xoxoxo


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