Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Illness Update: Toxic Synovitis

Last week, I left on Thursday when Ellie couldn't walk and we ended up seeing an incompetent doctor.

Friday morning Ellie finally woke up fever-free (whoot whoot!) and was walking.  Voluntarily.  As in I didn't have to coax her with a cookie. Only, she looked like a drunken sailor.  Right leg crossing over the mid-line, mixed with a wide-based gait, weaving around our living room.

oh what shall you do with a drunken sailor? what shall you do with a drunken sailor?  what shall you do with a drunk sailor early in the morning? Weigh! Heigh! Up she rises. . . .

I apologize, I cannot get that old shanty song out of my head!

Anyway, I put a call into Ellie's regular pediatrician who was rather angry with how her care was handled the day before.  She had us come in immediately.  Bear typically saunters about the office like she owns the place, but this time she was crying and screaming and it really demonstrated to our pedi just how cruddy Ellie was feeling.

At least we know that her range of motion on the left side is good.

After a careful analysis of 3 vials of precious blood violently extracted from Ellie's arm, we learned that she had a virus and mild inflammation.  It did not look like septic arthritis, a bone infection [osteomyelitis], or the dreaded leukemia (sadly, a few members in our Ds community were diagnosed with leukemia when they refused to walk).

This is what "resting" looks like.

It is believed that she does in deed have transient/toxic synovitis.  Essentially, the virus has settled into her right hip.  She is on Motrin and "resting" for the next 1-2 weeks.  By resting, I mean she is not climbing.  Not that she wants to.  Okay, she actually wants to, but physically cannot without a lot of pain. Girlfriend wants to run but when she tries, she falls flat on her face.  Poor thing.  She is walking beautifully about the house and for short distances, but prefers to sit or just simply stand.  She is still under the impression that we will feed her cookies and cupcakes whenever she wants.  She is sadly delusional.

seriously, I don't know where she gets this cupcake idea from
ahem, Andrew

Oh and in terms of bleeding, she had a little bit more, but not as severe as last week.  It just takes time for a fissure to heal.



  1. Poor girl! Hope she heals quickly and is back to her crazy climbing self ;)

  2. I'm glad your reg ped followed through with some blood work and you have some answers! Praying for a quick and smooth recovery. Oh, the pic with the leg bent up to her mouth - Kayla used to do that all the time!


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