Friday, October 29, 2010


I will write more later, but I am excited to share that Ellie Bear is now cruising along the entire length of the fire place hearth (which takes up the whole length of our living room) and signed "cracker" yesterday.  She signed "cracker" while at Friar Tucks English Bakery and I became so excited that I am sure the entire restaurant was aware of Ellie's new word.

See that beautiful stand?  Stomach in.  Feet flat on the floor.  Sophie thinks they are going to play fetch through the glass.  

We are trying to teach Ellie about fetch.  When we say "throw" she just drops the bone.  Well, I guess that is better than sticking it into her mouth.  Anyway, this tells me that Ellie's receptive language is improving :-)

Pigtails!!!!  (I made that sock monkey. I already had to sew the arm back on.  Sophie is just waiting for Ellie to drop the sock monkey so that she can play with it.  Like siblings. . . )

Awa Gma is visiting and has had the great pleasure of seeing Ellie perform wonderfully for Jan, the developmental therapist on Wed., and she got to see Ellie stand up, cruise, and show off her beautiful, sharp two front teeth.  More on the teeth later.

My little darling tried to climb up the slide.  She was not very successful :-P

Wee!  Swinging with Gma!!!

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